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One stop solution

MONIMO is one stop solution for all the types of Sponsorship seekers.


Sponsors are just a CLICK away. Secure your sponsorship in blink of an eye!


Add incredible details to your event proposal & raise better funds.


We GUARANTEE safe transfer of money from Sponsor to the seeker.

Relationship Manager

We feel responsible for managing your team's relationship with sponsor.


24x7 available team to help you with all the queries related to your sponsorships.

why us?

Quick Proposals

Create Proposals in a moment and get started with sponsorship management.

Easy Exchange

Be it money or resources from the sponsors, We ensure fast exchange between you and sponsor.

Increased Funds

With a variety of sponsors online, you have better chances of raising funds from sponsors all around the globe.

Less Hassle

Now no phone calls or mails to wait for. We do it all for you!


Events We Work With!

It works simply like ABCD

Add Your Event

Add an event Before going live on the internet. Plan your event as and when you raise fund from sponsors. With the provision of packaging your proposal for all types of brands, you increase your chances of getting more funds. So just have a beer and relax.!

Bid For an Offer

If your propsal suites a sponsor, you get an invite to bit for it's amount. One chance to make it all! You bid your best offer to the sponsor and sponsor decides if you win or lose the auction. The game is not over yet.!

Communicate With Them

Nothing Like winning an auction! Right? Placing the best bid ensures your certainity. Once you've won the auction, We get you in touch with them and lock the deal for you. All you have to do is, Sign the deal!

Disburse The Money

Once done, You get the money in your acocunt. Use it as per your requirement and ensure the branding offered to sponsors by you. But hey! we're always a call away for all your queries!

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Isn't it easy? Know more!

Well Uploading your event is just one thing. We also want to make sure your audiance. For which we have made your work easier than ever before! All you need to do is, throw your requirements at us. Our affiliates do it for you!

Social Media Marketing

Want to market your event on social media on a low budget? Let's do this!

Parking Management

Our Folks at Get My Parking provide you India's #1 Parking solution

Coupons for Students?

Want to sell your tickets in a better way? Decorate them with offers from Frapp

Design & Print your Branding material?

We have a set of vendors in your neighbourhood. Discuss the design with us. You will be delivered the best material.







Brag about your event!

Get a fantastic looking personalised page of your event for fundraising. Having your own portfolio increases the chances from a sponsor to invest into the event. Let's dream big for your event & make it larger! Cheers.

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